TEACHING LAB - 60 minute hands-on interactive presentation on a classroom innovation, or effective practice that has high classroom applicability.

DEEP DIVE - 60 minute Interactive session on one topic or challenge. Presenter shares their experience and learning exploring possibilities or next steps with audience.

HEADtalk - 20 minute talk on an innovative idea or challenge, followed by 10 minutes of engagement with the audience.

NOTE: In the spirit of supporting the selection process we are introducing a rubric that school leadership teams need to use in the selection of teacher applications submitted to the Association. Once this internal review is completed, applications need to be signed by the head of the school.

The 50% registration discount is applied per presentation, not per presenter.

(A digital picture and biographical sketch must accompany each proposal. This should include the name of school, position held and relevant experience. The description should contain no more than 100 words). Note: Incomplete proposals will not be considered.​
Digital Picture​​. Please provide a recent professional portrait. ​​
Max file size: 10 MB
Maximum two presenters per presentation​
Max file size: 10 MB
Presentation will take place in rooms. These will be equipped with a projector, and access to WiFi. Presenters are responsible for bringing their laptop and necessary attachments. Please indicate additional AV needs below.​​​
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As you wish it to appear in the program​​
Please provide a description of your session in no more than 250 words. Your description should include learning outcomes, and the conference strand it supports. Note: Please specify if a laptop or tablet is required for your audience. ​​​
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Note: Presentation proposals must be submitted with all of the requested information including biographical information and picture in order to be considered.

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