Conference & P.D.

One of the main goals of the Tri-Association is to support the schools in the region with their efforts and commitment to school improvement and staff development.

Several conferences are held throughout the year for this purpose:

The Annual Educator's Conference

This is our biggest event, which is held once a year, usually during the month of October. The Annual Educator's Conference is organized around current themes based on educational research and best practices in the field. This conference rotates within the three regional areas that comprise the Tri-Association. 

Visit our Conference Website

Specialized Institutes

In partnership with the University of Kentucky, the Tri-Association is offering a unique professional development opportunity for educators in the region wishing to specialize in Inclusive/Special Education. The purpose of the program is to prepare classroom teachers, learning resource teachers, educational leaders, and/or counselors with the competencies needed to design and deliver effective accommodations, modifications and interventions for special needs students within general educational settings. The first cohort is running from October 2014- October 2015 and forty-five teachers and specialists from the region are enrolled in the program. This group will obtain a Graduate Credit Certificate or a Digital Badge endorsement in Inclusive Education from the University of Kentucky. More information...


Global Issues Network (GIN)

Global Issues Networks (GINs) are successfully connecting students as they research and seek sustainable solutions to global issues around the world. GINs are currently operating in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, North America and South America, and we hope to provide opportunities for students in the Tri-Association Schools to become involved in this opportunity to foster leadership and global responsibility. Go to GIN website.

All of the above programs are sponsored by the Tri-Association Membership, the ongoing support of the Office of Overseas Schools, and our Corporate and Associate Sponsors, and other Professional Organizations.