Child Protection Response Team Workshop Level I

Synchronous virtual course

Format:  This course is offered over four days in half-day (~4 hour) segments.  It will be delivered live by a multidisciplinary team which includes experts in school response, victim behavior, and trauma informed care.

Dates: Tuesday, January 19-22,  2021 from 10:00 am  EST- 2:00 pm.
Summary: This course was adapted and tested to maximize the virtual platform.  It enables deep training of school-based child protection response teams to fulfill accreditation standards.  Experts will support response team work on creation and audit of child protection policies and supplemental policies, such as safer hiring. Teams will work together to develop shared values around child protection while evaluating their institutional risks and vulnerabilities. The ITFCP allegation protocol will be introduced and teams will use case reviews to understand victim and offender behavior.  Topics addressed include policy requirements, first responder question formation, the grooming process, and case response.  Individual team planning using course provided scaffolding will be emphasized.  Online tools, such as polling and breakout rooms will enable participant interaction and exchange by role and country location.  Support and resources for whole staff training will be provided through a train the trainer approach.

Outcomes: Understand child protection accreditation standards and foundational beliefs • Determine needed policies and stages of implementation • Identify supporting resources, including ITFCP Allegation Protocol and materials for staff training • Audit or create CP policies and procedures • Understand victim and offender behavior • Practice question formation and understand trauma informed approach as first responder to disclosure • Identify and accomplish five fast tasks that make your school safer

Target Audience: Response teams are comprised of child protection designates and deputies, senior leaders and designated board member, counselors, HR professionals, athletic and activity directors, nurse/medical staff, and staff with special child protection responsibilities including IT, social emotional learning (SEL), trips/service learning, and curriculum areas of vulnerability including early years, special needs/SEN, athletics, music and performing arts.

Advance prep/prerequisites:
There are no prerequisites for Level I response team training.  Because the planning time is collaborative, schools are encouraged to send multiple team members to workshop. (Note ICMEC recommends teams train together in groups of 4 or more).

Download the Flyer below has detailed course objectives and the daily schedule and agenda. 


Registration numbers are limited to 5 participants per school.