Child Protection and Risk Mitigation for Senior Leaders in the Time of Distance and Hybrid Learning

This interactive session will utilize breakout rooms for real talk about WHY senior leaders must address child protection with a deeper understanding of risk mitigation.  The 90-minute session will use case examples of problematic beliefs, situations, and response to illustrate how doing the right thing means doing the best thing to reduce risk to individuals and the school system.  Session concludes with five simple actions to delegate that promise to deliver advantages to your ethos of protection.

Tuesday, January, 26  or (repeated) Thursday, January, 28, 2021  

4:00 – 5:30pm EST

School heads and superintendents (HOS), senior leadership team (SLT), board members, HR professionals


  • Participants will understand how beliefs, school systems, and leadership style may elevate risk.
  • Using cases, participants will discuss in small groups some procedures that mitigate risk and how to avoid common error multipliers.
  • Participants will identify areas of clarity when addressing child protection concerns whether they be peer-on-peer, intrafamilial abuse, or employee misconduct.
  • Participants will use resources that support leadership team professional development that can be replicated with staff.


Please fill out the registration form below. Maximum five participantes by school.