Detours, Roadblocks, and Potholes: Clearing the Path for A Smooth Family Journey

A smooth ride from Point A (learning about your school) to Point B (enrolling) is easy to map out on a piece of paper, but very few schools can do it well. That’s because it’s hard! In this presentation, we’ll identify the most common problem areas from -- enquiring through to enrollment -- and how software, strategy, and a keen user experience help clear the path for meeting your enrollment and retention goals. We will help you identify the bumps in your journey and provide ideas so you can fix the potholes and roadblocks and make it an enjoyable ride that families want to experience.

This session will discuss best practices including:

  • A tightly aligned admissions and marketing team 
  • The importance of search engine optimization, PPC, and social media
  • An engaging and streamlined  website and application experience
  • Personalization and automation tools to streamline the process
  • And highlights from other schools who do it well.

Audience: Admissions and Marketing staff; Heads of School 

Day and time: To be Determined

Offered by: Finalsite