How to Create the Career Your Love

With Julia Martin and Melanie Feldman from Ready, Mindset, Go
Date and time: Nov. 10, 4:30-6pm Central Time
Cost: free to member schools

Julia will kick off the session with the power of mindset and manifestation. At its core, manifesting is about creating a vision of what you want, working through your limiting beliefs and taking consistent, inspired action from a positive mindset. Julia will share the steps you (and your students) can take today to tap into the power of your mind to start turning your desires and dreams into reality. This includes, but of course isn't limited to!, calling in a job/career you love.

Melanie will cover the second half of the session, starting with how hiring really works from a company's perspective and why it's important for students to start building their network in high school. She'll share tactical steps on how to be successful with cold outreach as well as how to navigate the conversation once someone agrees to meet. She'll also talk through what tools you'll need to leverage to build a valuable network from scratch.
You will leave this session with new ideas, tactics, and strategies to get your mindset & rolodex in gear -- so that you too can create a career (and life) you love.

Presenter Backgrounds:
Julia Martin is a Manifestation & Business Coach and the host of Dream Your Life: Manifest a Life You Love, a top ranking self improvement podcast with a global audience that spans over 100 countries. Prior to launching her coaching business, Julia spent over a decade in advertising & sales at Google and Twitter.
Melanie Feldman is the author of Bold: Get Noticed Get Hired, and the founder of Going Places. She teaches students many of the insider tips she's picked up from her years at some of Silicon Valley's hottest tech companies, including Twitter and Apple.