The Time for School and Head Renewal

Leadership and Governance Series, featuring John Littleford

Description: John Littleford, friend, colleague, ex-Head of School, and longtime consultant will walk you through a dialogue about important aspects of managing the governance and leadership aspects of a school. 

Hosts:  John Littleford 

Audience: Heads of School, their Assistant Heads of School, and their board chairs
Ideally a 3 member team: Head of School, Asst. Head of School/2nd in command and hopefully 1 board member 

Duration: 60 minutes per session 

Dates: Oct. 12, 26; Nov. 23; Jan. 18; Feb. 1

Time: 5 to 6pm CST

Cost: Free to member Schools

Topics / Sessions: 

  • Head of School support: Role of the Board in Support for the Head of School. Every board should have a head support committee that oversees the head's compensation, contract and evaluation.
  • Head of School Compensation: Make it a Priority!: This session will explore current patterns in head compensation worldwide including compensation types, design, and the relationship of the compensation package and language to the contract. This session is for heads, aspiring heads and board members. We will share candidly good and poor practices in compensation practices, and why and when these practices occur. Often common  assumptions about head of school compensation patterns are incorrect, and data readily available in the public domain and on national and regional associations’ websites are not entirely accurate.
  • Board Evaluation of the Head of School: One of the three most important jobs for a board. How to undertake this important task fairly, thoughtfully, and consistently in line with best practices across the world
  • Strategic Planning: Role of the Board in Developing a Plan: This is one of the board's three functions. Only the board has the ultimate responsibility for deciding on the strategic priorities.
  • Board Training: Every board needs training annually no matter how talented, experienced, and wise the board is collectively and individually.