Empowering Students with Voice and Choice through UDL & Restorative Practices

Time: 5:30 to 6:30 Bogota, Colombia time

Session 1 - October 23 - Deep Dive on Engagement
Facilitator: Lisa Bosio

Engagement is so much more than interest and attention. Students must be
able to persist through challenges, know where to go when they are stuck
and self-regulate when they are overwhelmed. In this session, we will explore
the theory and practice behind the UDL guidelines for engagement and
explore the concepts of grit and growth mindset and how they deepen

Session 2 - November 6 - Building Community with Circle Practice
Facilitator: Pam Chu-Sheriff

Restorative practices are a set of practices that honor student background
and identity and set a different tone of respect and dignity in classrooms. The
help to build community and engagement by opening up dialogue between
students and educators. In this session, we will dive into the why, what and
how of restorative circles.

Session 3 - December 4 - Deep Dive on Representation
Facilitator: Pam Tupy

Rote memorization rarely leads to true understanding. To fully comprehend
concepts, students must have access to different forms of media. We must
learn to activate background knowledge and teach students how to transfer
knowledge from one topic to the next. By doing so, our students will become
resourceful and knowledgeable. In this session, we will dive into the UDL
guidelines on representation and explore how to use best practices of UDL to
improve student comprehension.

Session 4 - January 29 - Leveraging Funds of Knowledge to Enhance Representation
Facilitator: Mirko Chardin

To universally design learning experiences, educators need to harness the
power of student experience and funds of knowledge and need to recognize
their own implicit bias and how it may show up in hidden curriculum that
shares messages about student worth. Come and learn how to critically and
compassionately analyze your own practice to ensure asset-based and
culturally responsive design.

Session 5 - February 12 - Deep Dive on Action & Expression
Facilitator: KC Knudson

In this session, we will unpack the UDL guidelines for action & expression and
explore how we can support creative expression, planning, organizing, and
goal setting by using UDL best practices for designing assessments.

Session 6 - March 18 - Supporting Self-Reg and Executive Functions
Facilitator: Lisa Bosio

In this session, we will take a deeper dive into what executive functions are,
how they are related to self-regulation, and how we can create a learning
environment that supports self-regulation and executive functioning.