NGSS Foundations Course for all Tri-Association Science Educators

In September 2022, over 300 educators, administrators and instructional coaches in the Tri-Association region joined the NGSS Foundations Virtual Course. A total of 750 people have participated in either 2021 (our first year) or 2022 (the second year). The feedback says this course deepened your understanding of NGSS and readiness to apply it. This year, it could be your turn to join the vibrant NGSS community that Tri-Association has developed!

Starting in September, NGSS Foundations Virtual Course will be available free to Tri-Association member schools. Our course is asynchronous, with modules presented through the Canvas platform. Participants have opportunities to discuss ideas with regional peers and attend synchronous office hours with the course instructors. It consists of 3 modules with a total of 9 hours of learning activities launching on September 1st, 2023! The course will be available for the month of September - a good time to kick start some learning, and set up successful science teaching for the year.

Who might this course be for?

  • Anyone needing a refresher on NGSS basics
  • Participants from last year that missed one of the course outline topics (see flyer attached)
  • New teachers at your school that have not taught with NGSS before
  • School leaders that need to know the basics as they oversee implementation

Participants will receive a certificate of participation with their hours of professional learning dedicated to NGSS.  Please share this learning opportunity with those that you feel may be interested within your professional networks. See the full NGSS Foundations Course flyer and be sure to register with us by August 25th, 2023 using this Google Form. 

Note: The Canvas platform will be used, and Canvas may not allow you to use your work email address to log in. Please register with a personal email address to avoid any confusion, and so all NGSS Partnership emails go to the same email account.

In Learning, 
John Mark, Heather, and Britta