Equal opportunity and the school workforce- Comprehensive organizational development: “Everyone is Part of the Show



Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) divides the future workforce into four worlds of work in 2030. The Red World, the Bule World, the Green World, and the Yellow World. The Yellow World is one that would most affiliate with our industry where “Like-minded workers gravitate towards each other, aided by technology platforms. Collaboration is key, with individuals coming together to work on projects or to deliver on an idea - for as long as it takes. Guilds help workers create scale when needed, remain current and build trust in their services. They provide members with a strong sense of identity, with individuals seeing themselves as members of their profession. Workers identify with each other because of their particular skills set, interests and goals” (PWC 2017). Are we ready for this world? How pursuing organizational development, better school culture and equal opportunities can make us ready for this future? 

Why: The aim of this session is to explore ways to reveal and maximize the talents, aptitudes, and motivations of our schools’ workforce.
Learning Objectives: Develop understanding of workforce dynamics; Develop understanding of employee’s behavior; Become familiar with Organizational development strategies
When: Jan. 20 at 4:30 EST
Audience: Head of schools, Principals, HR managers and Business Managers; minimum needed = 15 participants; 

*Language of session: English (with no translations)


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