After more than two years of managing and dealing with the Covid 19 pandemic, the need to work with others, learn from others, support each other, and network with others has never been more important. Throughout the entire pandemic, Heads of Schools from international schools around the world came together every Thursday morning at 8am EST to network with each other and support each other with the assistance of AAIE, the Association of the Advancement of International Educators. Likewise, at 10am EST every Thursday, a group of LATAM Heads of school, also with the support of AAIE, met together via Zoom to share, learn, compare, talk, and just support each other through these difficult times. 

Based on the great success of these weekly support sessions and the wonderful input I have received from Heads of School from around the world, I would like to promote the creation of these same types of affinity groups/support groups within our Tri-Association region for any group that would like to do so. Rather than calling these Affinity group sessions, I have coined the term “TriTalks.” My idea and hope is to have many different TriTalks for different groups of regional staff members with common interests, like TriTalks for Counselors, TriTalks for Business managers, TriTalks for PE teachers, TriTalks for Communication specialists, etc. In reality, if you are interested in hosting and leading a group of colleagues from around our region, we can create a TriTalk group for you. The sky's the limit; keep reading for more details…….

What: Informal, ongoing discussion groups, support groups, and brainstorming sessions led by Tri-Association regional staff members targeted at staff members from the region who work in similar roles. 
When: Days, times, and frequency will be determined by each TriTalk facilitator and their affinity group upon creation. 
Why: provide a space for groups of Tri-Association educators and staff members to dialogue, share, compare, and work together to support each other in their respective roles. 
Cost: free

*Language of session: English (with no translations)

**Note: Each group will be asked to submit an article for future Tri-Association Newsletters to share their experiences and practical ideas. 
If this sounds like something you are interested in and you would like to serve as a TriTalk facilitator/leader, please let me know by filling out this form.
If we have multiple people interested in facilitating a certain affinity group, I will link those people together to co-facilitate those groups. Once I have the different facilitators/leaders in place, I will then host an initial meeting to kick things off and get the ball(s) rolling.
For more information, please contact Michael Adams at