Conference follow up sessions with regional School Presenters; PD Series for our region given by our regional educators called TriShares. The talent, experience, training and knowledge that we have right here in our very own region is something that we need to explore and utilize to a greater extent. During this first year, we are inviting our Panama presenters to offer their expertise in a virtual manner throughout the school year as so desired. 

Days and times: Monday or Thursday afternoons; 5:30-6:30 Eastern Time

Audience: Educators based on topics 
Cost: Free to member Schools

TriShare sessions and Dates: 

  1. Jan. 26 - Systems Thinking in the Early Years, by Karen Virta and Maritza Cruz from American School of Puerto Vallarta PRESENTATION
  2. Feb. 13 - Moving Heaven,Earth for our readers, by Vivian Caldera from ANS in Managua, NIcaragua
  3. Feb. 16- Inspiration in Language Learning, by Maria esther Mercado Soler, American School Foundation of Puebla
  4. March 13 - Identifying learners’ needs in a tridimensional curriculum FOR learning, by Alejandra Galindo in JFK, Querétaro
  5. March 16- For the love of teaching... the love of learning, by Zaira Castañeda, Puebla American School Foundation.
  6. April 24- Nudging Well-being in the Right direction, by Ron Lalonde, American School of Tampico
  7. April 27- Healing Together: Teaching Early Childhood in a Post Pandemic World, by Leza Warkentin, Tiffani Kalchevski & Karen Virta from American School of Puerto Vallarta


Recordings of our TriShares sessions