Letter about the 39th Annual Educators' Conference

Dear Colleagues,

I hope you are well, and everyone in your inner circle is staying healthy. I have news that I do not think will surprise you.  After an in-depth analysis of our ability to hold our September Annual Educators’ Conference, the Board of Directors and I decided to postpone our September 2020 event until September 2021. Our Annual Educators’ Conference in 2021 will be held in Panama September 23-25, 2021.

This difficult decision was driven by the economic realities of the schools in the region which will greatly reduce conference attendance, making it impossible for us to run a successful event.  I appreciate the proposals that some of our Corporate Members have submitted and I encourage you to re-submit them next year. Our theme will sadly and eerily be even more relevant next year, so the plan is to move forward with a similar focus on “Sustaining Tomorrow”.

I understand that the companies you represent are being affected financially with all the canceled events. Based on this grim reality and due to the postponement of our regional event we will carry over your membership through June 2021. I will continue to publish my newsletters and will include your ads as we have done this year. If any of you are interested in doing anything different from this please feel free to contact me. This might include updating ads, and promoting other special programs through the newsletter and webpage. These new initiatives would have to carry a minimal recovery cost.

We will be launching our new website in the next few days and will need for you to go in to check your contact information for accuracy. I will send you a separate email with the template I need for you to fill out and submit with changes.

I will miss seeing our membership come together this year and hope all of you can weather this challenge successfully.  

Stay healthy and thank you for our partnership.


Sonia Keller, Ed.D
Executive Director
The Association of American Schools of Central America, Colombia-Caribbean and Mexico