School Memberships

The Tri-Association has different types of memberships available to schools.

Regular Members Schools

Schools that belong to one of the three sub-regional organizations; ACCAS, ASOMEX AND AACSA are considered regular members of the Tri-Association and have full membership benefits.

Benefits for Regular Member Schools include:

  • Non-limited participation in the Annual Educators' Conference and reduced conference and institutes fees.
  • Eligibility for participation in annual awards programs (Paul G. Orr, Community Service, Margaret E. Sanders, TieCare Global Leadership Award).
  • Preferential access to special institutes and other staff development programs, some leading to a graduate degree or special endorsement.
  • Access to EBSCO deluxe data base.
  • Access to ISC (International Data Base) Services
  • Membership to NAIS and NAESP.
  • Access to the Association’s Newsletter (3 times per year), and other electronic information regarding the Association’s projects and activities.
  • Eligible for funding of a school based staff development conference through an application process.
  • Access to communication regarding special programs and other informational topics of relevance to schools.
  • Access to educational research bulletins, executive summaries and information.
  • Eligibility to be represented on the Staff Development Advisory Council (SDAC).
  • Participation in the Annual Salary & Benefits Survey

As part of the Regular Membership, schools will received the following services from NAIS, NAESP, and EBSCO:


Invitational Schools

The Tri-Association offers invitational membership to educational institutions, which are not regular members as they might not necessarily fit the criteria required by our three sub-regional members: AASCA, ACCAS, and ASOMEX. This is an Annual Membership and needs to be renewed each year. As of August, 2022, to join as an invitational member, schools must be fully accredited by a US accreditation agency as of August of the school year in question.

Schools applying for invitational membership should be interested in continuous educational improvement, staff development and teach part of their curriculum in English. The application needs to be submitted to the Executive Director for approval. The Executive Director will consult with the Sub-Regional Association (ACCAS, AASCA, ASOMEX), regarding the eligibility of the applicant. The Executive Director will consider the references and recommendations on the part of the schools that belong to the corresponding sub-regional association in making the final decision for acceptance. Acceptance as an Invitational Member carries a term of one year. Invitational Schools will need to reapply after that time.

Each regional Association (ACCAS, ASOMEX or AASCA), has the prerogative of imposing a time limit on the Invitational status of the school with the goal that the school apply and meet the criteria for regular membership. When pertinent, the President of the Association will communicate this in writing to the school and the Executive Director will be copied on this communication.


Benefits for Invitational Member Schools include:

Participation in other Association’s staff development activities will be available based on space. Corresponding fees will apply.

Access to the Association’s Newsletter (3 times per year).

Memberships to NAIS and NAESP, and EBSCO services are available for a fee (see information below). Membership will carry an additional administrative charge of 25 %.


Invitational membership $1,500 USD
All payments must be received by August 30 of the current year


OTHER FEES (2022 / 2023)
Membership in NAESP
(National Association of Elementary Principals)
$189 USD
Membership in NAIS $355 USD
EBSCO Deluxe Package of Data Bases $2,517 USD

* These fees will increase for SY 2022-2023 and might become a required part of the Invitational Membership in the future.

Note: Invitational Schools are not allowed to use the Tri-Association logo on their webpage or stationary