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Winter 2021 Newsletter

Amor Fati- Costume Parade

Little did I know that back-to-back WhatsApp messages during the evening of March 10, 2020 would be the beginning of the end of normalcy.  All schools would be closing on Wednesday and the airport would be closing on Thursday morning.  Not only did I need a plan for classes but I also need to find a way to insure the safe travel of a student group and 2 faculty members back from Washington DC.

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I Have a Cup

Some educators say the cup is half empty. Some say it is half full. It’s good to help students realize we
can be thankful to just have a cup. How can this be done coming off of a pandemic? Students are
behind. Teachers are exhausted.

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LIA Preschool

At LIA Preschool we focus weekly on a different social and emotional theme. This is an important part of our curriculum and also helps students learn how to manage their emotions, especially now that we are back on campus.

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Concerts are Back!

As the sun sets in Bogota, Colombia on a clear October evening, the band and choir students at CNG anxiously warm-up and prepare for their first concert since March 2020! The concert is outside and everyone is socially distant...

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Generation of Makers

Makerspaces respond to the Constructionism learning theory, which shares constructivism’s definition of learning as “building knowledge” and adds to this the idea that this happens especially in a context where the learners are engaged in designing, making and tinkering solutions to real world problems.

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JFK Preschool

Since the first meeting that we had with our staff, we focused on their wellbeing. We created a space where the teachers were able to share all their worries about returning to campus. This space helped teachers to share their feelings and make action plans so they could feel safer

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