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Dear Tri-Association friend and colleagues, 

Happy 2023 to all. I hope this new year brings you health, happiness, friendship and lots of learning! 

Once again, I am happy to share with you this Tri-Association Winter Newsletter that highlights some great things happening around our region. In this edition, we also have several articles about important teachers or educators from the past who have impacted lives in a positive way. I hope these messages and articles serve as great reminders of the wonderful work you do with your communities. 

Best wishes for a great semester. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to support your amazing work with your schools.

Michael W. Adams, Ed.D. 
Executive Director 

Winter Newsletter

State of Student Learning 2022

Addressing students’ unfinished learning in the wake of the pandemic is a top priority for nearly every stakeholder in the education space. The purpose of The State of Student Learning in 2022 report is to provide a clear view into elementary and middle school students’ reading and mathematics achievement over the past several years with the
goal of improving outcomes for students and educators moving forward.

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Your Specialized Language Publisher

At Vista Higher Learning, we dedicate 100% of our resources and energy to developing content and technology that supports your passion to empower all learners to be successful in school and beyond. Our focus is on creating the highest-quality integrated print and digital solutions that meet the needs of all language learners—those learning a new language, improving a second language, or perfecting their native language.

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Sustaining Courage

Depending on the identities we hold, the inherent powers and privileges we have, or the ingrained oppressions we endure, the conversations and work on diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice will require of us an unquantifiable amount of courage. They require of us the courage to accept the unpalatable, painful, eye-opening, and honest perspectives about the oppressions in our systems.

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Quelling the Fire of Educational Inequities through Entrepreneurship Education

After almost three years of a global pandemic, we now face a growing educational crisis: widening gaps in equal access to quality education, increased global learning poverty, surging mental health issues, and decreases in resiliency levels amongst youth around the world. These critical issues will play a key role in the future of our planet on a personal, local, national, and global level.

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Hornets Time Intervention Block

This program has been a partnership between the Lower School and the Learning Lab, focused on student achievement and using data to direct instructional interventions and extensions. Teachers voted for a student-friendly name for the block, and students and teachers alike have come to look forward to “Hornets Time” as a favorite part of their day. 

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CDS Bee Lab Project

Jack Young, Principal of Country Day School, highlights that one of the most exciting things about being a principal is when you can see students having the opportunity to be passionate about what they are learning. The CDS Bee Lab Project has become a beacon of inspiration for learning and has developed far beyond our original vision. 

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The HERVAT’s experience. 

One of the amazing things that is happening in my classroom is the implementation of an attentional control strategy called: HERVAT (for its Spanish acronym) Hydration, Balance, Breathing, Sight, Hearing and Touch. This neuroeducation program was created by the Spanish neuropsychologist Tomás Ortíz. 

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Love of Learning

Why did you decide to become a teacher? After 24 years in this profession, this is a question I have received many times. I always explain that it was because of my love for learning new things, my strong belief that education is the best (only) way to
impact the future of our planet, and of course because it is incredibly fun to spend every day together with students full of energy and different ideas.

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“You Can’t Be What You Can’t See”: Using a Diverse Representation of Modern Day  Scientists to Break Down Stereotypes in Science Class

Sandra Patricia Gonzalez Lopez, Wade Campbell, Noor Al-Alusi, Alexander Bennett, Nidhi Santen, Xiao Xiao. This is a list of names that you likely don’t recognize. But, what about: Bill Nye, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Albert Einstein, Rick Sanchez, Isaac Newton, and Sheldon Cooper? Sound a little more familiar? Both of these lists are the names of scientists.The first list is the names of real, yet largely unknown, modern day scientists who are currently contributing to our growing understanding of the natural world.

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Data Analysis Cycles es Educational Innovation

During this first semester we implemented a data analysis model in a consistent manner in the pre-primary, first, second and third grades at San Roberto International School, This information was also used to manage and plan instruction through a cycle of information analysis, which was carried out systematically. The main objective of this project was to increase the percentile of students in the aforementioned academic grades in the phonological awareness area of the MAP test.

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Inspriation that Transcends

Reflection takes us on a journey within ourselves to understand where it all begins. Life leads us to reflect upon what really matters to us, and for me, it is about being real, humble, and kind. Additionally, if I reflect upon who is one of the most influential educators in my life, and who was my first guide I definitely have to go back to my beginning. The first teacher who influenced my life, unquestionably, was my mother.

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Embedding service learning: One School's Journey


When leaders at the Colegio Jorge Washington (COJOWA) in Cartagena, Colombia were developing a new strategic plan four years ago, they found themselves asking “what’s next?”. After completing a previous strategic plan with a strong emphasis on values, the school community was ready to build on that foundation, and ideation sessions followed to figure out how to turn the values into action. 

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