Book Donation by Sixth Graders at Colegio Hebreo Union

Helping others without expecting anything  in return, is one of the most satisfying things there is. Through the donation of  books and other fun ideas, the 6th Grade  Colegio Hebreo Unión students were able  to help needy children and adults be able  to enjoy reading and learning. The PBL  intent was to get publications to a poor  community in order for it to have books to  read, learn and enjoy.

Donating books helps social causes  because the people who don't have much money to spend, receive them at no cost.  Therefore, it is essential to take books to  these places so that children and adults will  be able to learn how to read and enjoy a  book. With quality education, every child,  no matter where they live, can become a  superhero of knowledge.  

After the students decided which project they would be working on, their first step started with a campaign within the class. They started bringing books for all ages in English and in Spanish. It was slow at the beginning but then books started arriving. The second step was to get book donations from parents. The plan was that at dismissal time the Grade Six students were going to have a nice poster requesting book donations. As parents picked up their children at the main gate, these students were going to persuade them to donate a book, which they could bring the following day and so on.  

Other than donating a total of 250 books to the Centro Comunitario Golda Meir, the students also made flashcards of simple nouns in English that they wanted to teach these children. On one side they drew a picture and on the back side they wrote the word. They were laminate so that they could be used many times. They also made flashcards with basic expressions in English such as hello, good morning and what is your name? These too were laminated and left at the Centro Comunitario.  

Quality education for poor communities is like giving every child a super cool box, filled with everything they need to enjoy and learn. The visit to the Centro Comunitario Golda Meir was right before Christmas time and the Colegio Hebreo Unión students were hoping that these donated books and flashcards would allow them to enjoy the holidays.  

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