Cognia’s Legacy in Latin America: A Century of Transforming Education
Education in Latin America has been significantly influenced by the efforts of Cognia®, a nonprofit membership organization committed to enhancing school improvement through accreditation, certification, and professional learning services. Almost 100 years ago, Cognia first accredited an educational institution in the region⎯the American School Foundation in Mexico City. Today, in addition to accreditation, we provide certification in STEM and early childhood education to over 350 Latin American schools.
A key aspect of the Cognia approach is helping schools identify and leverage their institutional strengths. We collaborate with educators in diverse educational settings, guiding them through self-assessment and peer review processes so that they meet and exceed research-based standards. Educators have expressed deep appreciation for being able to use those standards to gauge their educational quality and improvement efforts. They also value the professional learning and networking opportunities we provide – such as our 2024 Impact Conference taking place in Cancun, November 20-22.
We understand schools because we are in schools. Cognia remains committed to working with Latin American schools to create a brighter and more promising future for students. If you would like to learn more about our history, services, and the impact we have made in Latin America, please reach out to Andrew Sherman, Vice-President of Latin American Strategy and Development, at