“Forma Futuro” Project: Empowering our students for Social Service
The “Forma Futuro” project at Colegio Bolivar (Forming the Future) focuses on empowering our students through reflective activities that expose them to various realities within local communities. This initiative has been developed in collaboration with the Pance Educational Institution, a neighboring rural entity facing challenges such as a shortage of personnel for sports, artistic, and environmental education, as well as insufficient infrastructure and resources due to limited state support and social investment.
Over the years, Forma Futuro has played a pivotal role in enhancing the educational quality of the Pance Educational Institution. Our students have spearheaded initiatives such as providing academic support for the State Exam of Secondary Education, Saber 11° (a standardized assessment tool by the Ministry of Education of Colombia), engaging in knowledge exchanges modeled after the United Nations, and promoting the establishment of quality educational recreational spaces.
Through active participation in various activities, our students collaborate with their counterparts from the Pance Educational Institution, ranging from academic reinforcement to the improvement of school infrastructure, while instilling values such as solidarity and gender inclusion. Moreover, the project has previously addressed crucial aspects such as mental health awareness and English language proficiency, aiming to nurture proactive leaders cognizant of their social responsibilities.
By fostering collaboration among students across different grade levels, the “Forma Futuro” project not only endeavors to enhance the local educational environment but also to prepare young individuals with the skills and mindset to make positive contributions to their communities and the world at large. For further information, visit this link or contact Jessica Gómez, Sustainability Leader.
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