Hello! By. Dr. Michael W. Adams, Executive Director of Tri-Association

Hello esteemed friends and colleagues from around our wonderful Tri-Association region! As the new Executive Director of our Association, I am thrilled with my new role and the ability to support all of you with your learning needs throughout the school year and into the future. I hope you are doing well with students now in most of your halls and classrooms. After such a long time with students and staff online, I am sure the lovely noise of students around the schools is a welcomed change.

Before jumping into important information regarding our upcoming Virtual conference, I would like to give a shout out to Dr. Robin Heslip, our Regional Education Officer from the Office of Overseas Schools, to Dr. Tom Shearer, our current Director of the Office of Overseas Schools and to the incoming Director of the Office of Overseas Schools, Mr. Mark Ulfers. Speaking for everyone at the Tri-Association and from our three sub regions, we want all of you to know that we are grateful for your support, your guidance and your ongoing commitment to our schools and communities! 

As you know from my recent emails, Dr. Sonia Keller and I have been working very hard preparing and planning for our October 1 and 2 Virtual Educators conference. Our hope is that this event not only meets but hopefully exceeds your needs as teachers, educators, leaders, designers, curriculum specialists, mental health specialists, and learners.  Over the past few months, we have been very fortunate to have the constant support of wonderful colleagues from our region as we have developed the program for October. Sonia and I would personally like to thank Gerri-Ann Friedman (AAIE), Florencia Fernandez (ASFM), Rocio Cabrera (ASFM), Diana Saldaña (ASFM), and Doug Frankish (ASFM) for their wonderful ideas, support, guidance, and leadership.

Our goal during this conference is to support all educators within our new constant that focuses on patience, gratitude, love, empathy, equity, care, collaboration, unity, trust, respect, sustainability, and resilience. We have wonderful speakers, presenters, experts, and colleagues ready to share with you their knowledge, experiences, enthusiasm, and wisdom. Here are some important things to remember about our upcoming conference: 

  • We have presenters from all three sub regions and from around the world. 

  • We have the following two great keynote sessions: 

    • Friday: Will Richardson and Homa Tavangar will be talking about creating a new future of schooling that calls for educators and leaders to see the world as it is, not as it was. Their keynote will push your thinking to embrace the new realities, or lenses, of the post-pandemic world. 
    • Saturday: Steve Sostak and Aaron Monitz will begin to explore the WHY and WHAT of future-focused education via Futures Thinking routines, design a Portrait of a 2030 Graduate, and identify transformative learning goals for inspired global citizenship in a complex world.

  • We have sessions that focus on the following strands: redesigning education, sustainability, coaching and relationships, leadership, wellness, NGSS, DEIJ, math, SEL, student agency and voice, design thinking, and distance/remote/hybrid learning. 

  • We will be offering 8 options in Spanish (some with simultaneous translation and others given directly in Spanish). 

  • We plan to follow up this virtual conference with different strands and topical conversations and sessions that will carry us into the 2nd semester and beyond. 

We hope to see you register soon. Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to learn from experts from around the world as well as many from our (your) very own region! Be sure to register right away!! 

In learning,
Dr. Michael W. Adams
Executive Director