By: Laura Martinez
School: Escuela Internacional Sampedrana

Educational Inclusive Education is the practice of providing success learning opportunities for every learner to thrive academically and socially. The goals are to facilitate equal access to learning, flexible curriculum, varied educational experiences, and a variety of resources for everyone to succeed in school; especially for neurodiverse students  who may face additional challenges in traditional educational settings. Inclusion respects the learning of all kinds of minds and promotes success to each students’ learning potential. 

Celebrating Neurodiversity
Every year we dedicate a week to celebrate all ways of learning. As a school, K-12, we commit to serve all of our learners regardless of their  learning challenges. We aim to raise awareness in the school’s community to reduce stigma,  misconceptions and to help foster a productive learning environment. Promote acceptance and celebration of neurodiversity, recognizing the strengths and unique characteristics of neurodivergent learners. 

An essential goal is to create inclusive learning environments and promote inclusive educational practices in all learning settings. Implement inclusive teaching practices and classroom accommodations that accommodate different learning styles, promoting engagement and participation for all community members. We celebrate the learning achievements and success experiences of everyone; highlighting neurodivergent learners talents, contributions, and resilience.

Activities during Inclusion week:

  • School wide dress code (super hero shirts, wacky socks, comfy shoes, anything but a backpack) Every day has a meaning and value to foster. 
  • Murals, bulletin boards 
  • Daily morning messages, combined with responsive and actively engaging activities 
  • Morning messages through the intercom by the students from the Student Council 
  • Inclusive games during recess and lunch 
  • Awareness activities, school spirit and celebrating achievements 
  • Parent workshops
  • Teacher workshops
  • Photographs of all activities