Key Components of the Conference:
  • Theme: Hope and Inspiration! 
  • Preconferences on UDL/Blended Learning, Child Protection, Restorative Practices, Equity & Belonging, Math instruction, Special Education / Exceptional Needs, Science instruction, and AP training (Calculus, Spanish, English). 
  • Keynotes from Dr. Katie Novak & Dr. Catlin Tucker (in English) and from Dr. Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa (in Spanish) 
  • Deep Dives during the conference on Diversity & Inclusion, Inquiry based Science Instruction, NGSS, Student Centered learning, and Learning Support/UDL. 
  • Amazing Conference sessions led by consultants, corporate members and regional educators in both English and Spanish in the following areas: student-led learning, SEL, entrepreneurship, professional development, child protection, diversity, inclusion, educational transformation, feedback, equity, assessment, wellbeing, community service, culturally responsive classrooms, blended learning, technology, STEM, standards based learning, and much more.