Living Museum at Lincoln International Academy

By: Brenda Siles

Last March, we hosted the Lincoln Living Museum for the second time. Students were assigned different historical periods and were expected to put together a live performance of the event on Museum Day. The purpose of this project was to create a multidisciplinary experience through which students could establish connections between history and other disciplines they're already familiar with: Language Arts, Math, Science, and Technology. In preparation for the Living Museum, students completed activities using the specific disciplinary lenses of their classes to ensure their thorough understanding of the topics while also implementing class-related skills.

While the Living Museum was a platform for students to deepen their knowledge of history, the true magic of this project lies in the cultivation of social-emotional skills.  Collaboration, creativity, and conflict resolution took center stage, empowering students to navigate the challenges and showcase growth while working in groups. 

At its core, this project embodies the essence of self-belief. As students reflected on their learning journey, the discovery of their potential and agency resonated with many of them. Students carried out their visions with perseverance and compromise, delivering work they felt proud of. 

The Living Museum is always an invitation for students and teachers alike to grow: students feel a sense of agency in their educational process, and teachers are guides and supporters of that process. 

Managua, Nicaragua
April 10, 2024

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Social Studies Head of Department 
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