Promoting our Safe Environment Program

By: Veronica Cardenal
Institutional Advancement Director
Lincoln International Academy

We have made it our mission at Lincoln International Academy, Nicaragua, to promote and cultivate the social-emotional competencies so important for success in life.  We have strived to promote responsive relationships and emotionally safe environments, and have set aside designated times to promote skills development to solidify SEL.  As part of our Safe Environment Program this year, one of the many activities we did was that we celebrated Wellness Week and gave students a chance to devote time to learning about and experiencing the positive impact of wellness through fun and collaborative activities.  Of course, we also had a special wellness day for faculty and staff.

In the Program, some of the themes included are Bullying prevention, Child protection, Social-Emotional Learning and Drug and Alcohol prevention.

Our Safe Environment Program makes sure that all the members of our community are empowered and responsible for everyone’s well-being, emotional and physical safety.