Senior Store Project

By: Sergio Delgado Romero.  
Entrepreneurship teacher. Colegio Hebreo Unión - Barranquilla

At the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year, Colegio Hebreo Unión prepared a project for the  12th Grade students. The academic activity "SENIORS SHOP" was created; students focused  actively by participating in a practical manner. The idea was for students to put their knowledge  and learning into practice in a real way, implying the real meaning of entrepreneurship. This  would be a unique opportunity for them to create, grow and learn. It was to start their own  business, beginning at the initial planning process all the way to customer service. The Store  fosters an environment of collaboration and teamwork, strengthening social skills through  cooperation, problem solving and joint decision making, thus, discovering and working towards  shared goals. 

Students worked with their entrepreneurship teacher and implemented a business plan that  included all essential elements: defining the vision and mission of the business, making market  research and analysis to define the products, generating a marketing strategy (face and virtual)  and sales, and then coming up with a plan that covered operational aspects (purchases and  inventories) and finances. This would imply teamwork in order to cover shifts in Primary and High  School break times, eventually creating a plan for business growth. The students assumed an  active and responsible role in the planning, organization and execution of the necessary actions to  achieve their educational and/or professional objectives. Individual activities were assigned taking  their likes and dislikes into consideration . 

Additionally, this project not only represented a commitment to the community but it also  contributed to social responsibility. The students just didn't offer quality products, they also  shared part of their profits with needy persons , thus being aware of the need to live and act with  a purpose. 

Our store is not only a business; it is a  center for student learning and  personal growth. They learn how to  prepare themselves for future  challenges, acquiring confidence and  determination. At the same time, they  promote the school's institutional  values of autonomy, respect and  justice. 

Watch the video here