Teaching For All Learners

Shelley Moore is an Educational Inclusion Specialist based in Canada. Teach Away had the pleasure of having her guest on our teacher podcast, School of Talk, where we talked about inclusive classrooms and advocating for shifting from standardization to standard spaced learning and standard based goals. How did Shelley do this for her classroom? Shelley introduced a unit on memoir writing to her grade nine English class. Despite initial challenges that a portion of the students faced, Shelley focused on their abilities rather than limitations. Shelley created a sensory-rich experience called "Memory Lane" where students explored various sensory stations related to their early childhood, evoking memories through sights, sounds, smells, and touch. This inclusive approach engages all students, making the lesson enjoyable and meaningful. All of her students were able to actively participate alongside their peers, and share memories. Shelley highlighted the importance of building on individual strengths and creating inclusive learning experiences that benefit everyone in the classroom.
Blog link: https://www.teachaway.com/blog/inclusive-education-with-shelley-moore