Tri-Association 2022 Community Service Award

Although this award was also announced in June, I am happy to once again share this wonderful news with our Tri region. Tri-Association Community Service award recognizes outstanding Community Service Projects which include the participation of the school community and develop in the student body a sense of social conscientiousness. The award is designed to support community service as an important element in students’ personal development and total educational experience.

The criteria for this annual award include: 

  • The project strengthens the total school community by creating opportunities for involvement on the part of students, teachers and parents.
  • The project reaches out to the larger community.
  • The project is creative, builds on going relationships, builds leadership and social conscientiousness and is sustainable.
  • The project has operated for at least two years.

It is my pleasure to recognize Colegio Bolivar, from Cali, Colombia and their Bolivar Garden project as the 2022 recipient of the Tri-Association Community Service award.
Vision of their project: The Bolivar Garden will break down barriers in our community as we come together to learn about growing organic plants and food, whilst taking care of our natural environment in a sustainable way.

Mission of their project: To create a communal space where our school community can come together to learn about agriculture from one another using a hands-on approach and have fun and enjoy their time together in nature.

Video of their project in action: (Password CB)

Please join me in congratulating Colegio Bolivar and their Bolivar Garden project for this important award. We will be presenting this award, a plaque and a check for USD $1,000 to Dr. Joe Nagy and Dr. Wojtek Waliszewski from Colegio Bolivar in September in Panama at our annual educators conference.