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School & Community Awards

The Tri-Association sponsors the following awards in recognition of extraordinary commitment to a cause
on the part of an individual, school or organization that furthers the Vision and ideals of the Association.

Dr. Paul G. Orr Award

The Paul G. Orr Award is presented to a very few select individuals who, in the opinion of Association members, have made an outstanding contribution to education in the region. Dr. Paul G. Orr, Dean Emeritus of the College of Education at the University of Alabama, shaped many debates about the role of education in society. In these exchanges, he engaged persons associated with the U.S. Department of State, the Office of Overseas Schools and American-sponsored schools worldwide.

In every generation, there are those whose vision broadens our own, transforming the way we see the world. Dr. Paul G. Orr was such a person: a man who pointed us in new directions and built bridges for us to cross. He was a leader in the field of international education and an educator of leaders. Over the course of his remarkable career spanning four decades, Dr. Orr proved to be one of the most articulate and reasoned voices within American-sponsored overseas schools. He left an indelible mark on teachers, administrators and boards working in those schools through his writing, teaching, research and lectures, and as dean of the College of Education at the University of Alabama. He helped to mold the American schools that exist overseas today and is widely considered the leading authority on the subject.

Dr. Orr left an extraordinary legacy to the Association of American Schools of Central America, Colombia, the Caribbean and Mexico, and to all who care about education: students, teachers, parents, school board members, administrators and staff, policy makers, the public in general and, above all, overseas schools.

Paul G. Orr Award Recipients

  • 1987 Dr. Shelley Counce
  • 1988 Dr. Fred Vescolani
  • 1989 Dr. Burton Fox
  • 1990 Dr. Joseph Johnston
  • 1991 Dr. John Schreck
  • 1992 Dr. Mary Wayte
  • 1993 Dr. Ronald Marino
  • 1994 Dr. James Stiltner
  • 1995 Dr. Ray Bruce
  • 1996 Dr. Ernest Boyer
  • 1997 Dr. Art Chaffee
  • 1999 Dr. Salvadore Rinaldi
  • 2000 The Overseas Schools Advisory Council
  • 2001 Dr. Jeffrey Keller
  • 2002 Dr. Keith Miller
  • 2003 Mrs. Mary Virginia Sánchez
  • 2004 Colegio Nueva Granada
  • 2005 Mrs. Carolyn Brunner
  • 2007 International School Services
  • 2008 Dr. Barrie Jo Price
  • 2009 Mr. Jack Delman
  • 2010 Ms. Marie France Jean-Baptiste
  • 2012 Children of Haiti Project
  • 2013 Janet Heinze
  • 2014 Dr. Ernie Mannino
  • 2016 Mr. Robert Wilson / Dr. William Scotti
  • 2017 Mr. Gerald Selitzer
  • 2018 Mrs. Emma Gutiérrez de Salazar
  • 2019 Mr. Tom Shearer

The Tri-Association Community Service Award


This award recognizes outstanding Community Service Projects, which have the participation of the School Community and develop in the student body a sense of social conscientiousness. It is important that the student body take a lead in designing and executing the projects. The award is designed to support community service as an important element in students’ personal development and total educational experience.


  • The project strengthens the total school community by creating opportunities for involvement on the part of students, teachers and parents.
  • The project reaches out to the larger community.
  • The project is creative, builds on going relationships, builds leadership and social conscientiousness and is sustainable.
  • The project has operated for at least two years.

Application Process
Any Regular Member School may submit an application and a supporting presentation that includes:

  • The Project description with a statement of its vision, mission and objectives, an evaluation of its success and why this project should be considered for an award.
  • Testimonials from different groups within the school community and the larger community being served, showing how the projects develops leadership and a sense of social consciousness.
  • A video of the project in action.
  • A Statement supporting the sustainability of the project.

Project Award

  • The presentations must be submitted electronically to the Executive Director by April 1st.
  • The award includes a plaque for the school and a donation of $1,000.00 dollars to support the project. A representative of the school receiving the award must attend the Annual Educators’ Conference to receive the award in the name of the school.
  • Please send all supporting documentation electronically to Sonia Keller @


Rubric for Evaluating Projects (PDF)

Application Form (PDF)

Guidelines (PDF)

Tri- Association / TieCare International MS Global Leadership Award


This award is meant to promote the spirit of global awareness and responsibility by recognizing the work of a Middle School student or group of students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and commitment to environmental issues through their work on a school project that addresses an environmental problem. This award is sponsored by TieCare International. TieCare continues in its dedication to serving international schools by sponsoring the Tri-Association/TieCare International Global Leadership Award.


The project must show commitment to at least one program or initiative, which demonstrates exceptional leadership and involvement in an environmental cause.

  • The project must show actions that have led to a greater awareness and understanding of a local or global problem, and have the potential to have a lasting impact towards the solution of the problem.
  • The student(s) have to be in Middle School and belong to one of the Tri-Association Regular Member Schools in good standing.
  • The Project must have operated for at least 1 year.
  • The student(s) must be making an exemplary contribution through a school and/or school sponsored community service program, which has led to a positive local or global change by addressing an environmental challenge, thereby increasing the level of community awareness and setting an example for others. The student(s) must submit evidence of the positive impact of this project through data which shows the before and after, testimonials on the part of community members who have been affected by the project, or any other method that addresses how the situation or problem changed after the positive intervention on the part of the student or group. The project will be judged based on the evidence that is submitted.


  • There may be only one submission per member school each year.
  • The project must be the work of the student(s).
  • Student applicants must be in Middle School and must be able to clearly demonstrate the award criteria.

Application Process

  • Submission of the Tri-Association Global Leadership Application Form with a letter of recommendation on the part of the head of the school.
  • A letter from the student or group of students explaining the project and why he/she/they think they deserve this award.
  • Submission by the student or group of an electronic portfolio in English which clearly demonstrates the student’s or group of students’ exceptional achievement of the award criteria. The portfolio can take a wide variety of forms from an essay (5 pages maximum), video or documentary, to a work of art. Supplementary or supporting documentation may also be provided as evidence.
  • Two confidential references written in English from either school faculty overseeing the project and/or adults from the organization in which the student served, attesting to the student(s)’ exceptional involvement and accomplishments in light of the eligibility criteria.
  • The award will go directly to the school for delivery to the project in the name of the student(s) involved. The recipients of the award will be recognized at the Annual Educator’s Conference.



The Tri-Association Board will select the award recipient(s). The winner(s) of the award will be announced in May. The school and student or group will be presented with the award at the Tri-Association Annual Educator’s Conference.


Award Application Form (PDF)

Rubric for Evaluating Projects (PDF)

Criteria (PDF)
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