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A documental about how the Fine Arts have been able to let us "UNMASK" our souls and express our feelings, to be premiered on April 16th.

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In our interconnected, global reality, in which everything is pulling for our attention, marketing has taught us that packaging is everywhere and means everything. Does our school system acknowledge and embrace this notion? Or is the phrase “packaging is everything” exempt from our classrooms? What does packaging look like for an academic task? This article dives into components we, as educators, can mold and transform for each unique learner in our classrooms to promote interest, student buy-in and greater student engagement by creating academic tasks that are appealing to our students. Afterall, in our current social distancing world, this becomes even more crucial than ever before.

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Conversar es una estrategia esencial donde convergen 2 de los 4 componentes del lenguaje, hablar y escuchar. Quiero compartir con ustedes algunas reflexiones sobre la importancia de conversar y el uso de preguntas abiertas que generen creatividad, conexiones y lazos de confianza.

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