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Margaret Sanders Scholarship Winner

Congratulations María Alejandra Woo, for being selected as a 2021 Margaret Sanders Scholarship winner from a very competitive pool of candidates from the Tri-Association and AAIE international schools!

María is a Senior at Lincoln International Academy in Managua, Nicaragua.

Learn about the Margaret Sanders International Schools Scholarship Fund
Margaret Sanders dedicated her life to advancing international schools through her work with Walsworth Publishing with a focus on helping students achieve their goals. The Margaret Sanders Foundation was established to fund educational opportunities for members of the overseas schools community that she found within our AAIE family.

The many Regional Associations such as AASSA, CEESA, EARCOS, Tri-Association, ECIS, etc. will continue to vet these applications by region to ensure each region puts their best applicant and one alternate forward for these prestigious scholarships. Students in Grade 12 (attending University next year) are eligible to apply.