Emergency Procedures

World Virtual School Project - Academic Continuity Plan (ACP) - Best Practices
American International School of Zagreb - Crisis Management Matrix
Anglo American School of Moscow - Emergency Operations Plan
The Colegio Nueva Granada (CNG) Distance Learning Hub
The Hub provides information in four critical areas:
  1. CNG Distance Learning Plans and Protocols;
  2. Key Communications and School Presentations;
  3. Health and Safety Initiatives at CNG; and
  4. Helpful Resources from Local, National and International Health and Safety Organizations, including daily COVID-19 updates as well as Policy Documents.
Link to Hub: https://libguides.cng.edu/c.php?g=1007782

There is a tab on the homepage with open source editable documents that can be customized to fit your needs.
Colegio Nueva Granada - Decision Making List & Mission Critical Items
Colegio Nueva Granada - Special Bulletin: Social media use and Core Values
American School Foundation of Monterrey - ASFM COVID-19 Microsite
American School Foundation of Monterrey - Distance Learning site
Child Protection During COVID-19 Response
Re-entry Guidelines International School of Dakar