Re- entry Guidelines International School of Dakar

  1. School reserves the right to assign staff into a different role based on the need of the students and the teacher’s qualifications. Based on student enrollment and available staff, we may need teachers to move to a different grade level or teach in multiple areas if you are qualified to do so.
  2. Staff who are outside of Senegal may be quarantined upon returning to Dakar based on the Senegalese government regulations.
  3. Teachers should anticipate teaching part of the school year online. This would include the expectation of having a portion of the classes synchronous.
Teachers will be required to participate in professional development activities during the summer related to online teaching. The specific activities will be determined by the teacher in conversation with their supervisor.  The school will cover the cost of the professional development.
  5. Class size may exceed normal class size limits. To make sure we are able to serve as many students as possible and given the uncertainty of whether some organizations will allow the children to return to Dakar, we will accept more students than normal with the expectation that we will see a large number of students eventually not return to ISD or not come to Dakar. This could lead to class sizes of 22 or more. We will be creative in supporting everyone including hiring more teachers as needed.
Secondary School teachers may have up to five different courses. The normal goal of three or four different classes per teacher may not be possible.
The Board may change the academic calendar, when school starts, the vacation dates,    
date of end of school.
The Board may change the length of day.