World Virtual School Project

February 2022- May 2022


The purpose of the Tri-Association & AMISA World Virtual School GOA Learning Cohort is to support educators in leveraging online spaces for teaching in-person or online. Teachers have upskilled in the use of online spaces throughout the pandemic. This learning experience will support educators in leveraging what they learned in online teaching to optimize online and/or in-person learning.  The World Virtual School initiative is supported by the Office of Overseas Schools to ensure that schools are prepared to deliver high-quality learning experiences when global events disrupt school operations.


Participants will have access to six self-paced Sprint courses for a cohort-based experience for school teams in AMISA and Tri-Association schools. The six Sprint courses are:


What will I learn?

This cohort learning experience invites choice. Participating schools will be guided through three of the six Sprint courses with the help of regional facilitators and site leaders, which teach participants how to:

  • Create discussion protocols that invite students to engage in inclusive learning environments

  • Create a process portfolio assignment aligned to a unit you already teach to support students as co-curators of their learning

  • Design capstone assessments that prioritize student agency, authentic learning, and audience

  • Design nonlinear, differentiated curriculum, exploring foundational methods that support nonlinear curriculum models (curriculum mapping, differentiation through playlists, and scaffolding with pacing guides)

  • Update or redesign your online hub to provide clarity and consistency for learners by prioritizing equity, flexibility, and sustainability.

  • Redesign gradebooks or assessment policies to invite growth and share individual student learning progress over time.

Time Commitment

  • The expected time commitment is 5 hours a month February through May. There will be a synchronous kickoff facilitated (via Zoom) by GOA in February 2022 and at the conclusion in May 2022. 

  • The partnership will ask schools to complete month-long learning cycles which entail a week-long learning sprint and 3-weeks of classroom application.

  • Each learning cycle will conclude with a synchronous session to share learning and reflections with others in the cohort.

  • Participants will have a choice in which Sprint course(s) they complete.  All six courses are available to cohort participants.  Teams are asked to commit to completing a minimum of three courses.  

  • AMISA and Tri-Association leaders will facilitate the synchronous conversations within the cohort.

  • Each school will have a designated school representative that meets with their Tri-Association or AMISA liaison for periodic ‘check-ins’ once to twice per month to gauge progress on implementation of the module in their school or division. 


This is a team-based learning opportunity and schools are asked to sign up teams of 3-5 participants.  Teams are asked to complete the same courses to support collaboration and implementation. Teachers in Tri-Association schools, tech directors or coaches, instructional coaches, and teacher leaders. 


As part of your membership benefits, TRI and AMISA Schools will receive 10 free registrations for this opportunity. Additional participants can be added for $25 per person.

About GOA

Global Online Academy (GOA) is a nonprofit organization that reimagines learning to empower students and educators to thrive in a globally networked society. All of GOA’s professional learning experiences are aligned to one of five educator competencies. These competencies represent concrete skills that educators need in order to design and facilitate in online and in-person learning spaces. 


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