World Virtual School Project

The Tri-Association and the World Virtual School Project

The World Virtual School Project is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State Office of Overseas Schools to assist participating schools and regions in terms of:

  • a "blended learning" platform - allowing for the combination of internet-based resources and activities to be integrated into the daily practices of teaching and learning
  • a collaborative platform - allowing participating schools to work on joint projects and share valuable open educational resources
  • an emergency platform - allowing schools to sustain our academic program even if access to the campus is not possible

This resource is being used by A/OS schools in different regions of the world because it provides schools with a low-cost, powerful hosted learning management system with 24/7 support that can be used for emergencies, and as a platform for blended learning opportunities.

Learn more about The World Virtual Project at or by contacting Mr. Rafael de la Cruz (Email), the Tri-Association / AASSA Regional Service Coordinator,